Create long-lasting

impact with the locals.

Calls over Ridges is committed to making a lasting impact on vulnerable children while supporting education programs and incubating young leaders.

Our story

Since 2015, Calls over Ridges has been working in Nepal with multiple educational programs based in local areas. Projects have developed and scaled with the commitment of our young leaders, whereas they have initiated and developed Calls over Ridges Nepal into an individual organization since 2017.

Asia Social Impact Incubation Program (ASII)

A program designed for young leaders

How do we co-create local impact ?

We inspire practitioners
Provided with advice and resources ensuring sustainable development with strong motivation!
We initiate incubators
Aligned with multiple social investors through launching education-oriented programs for children!
We involve partners
Cooperated with multiple stakeholders in the field aiming for sustainable local-oriented projects!

Why you should join ASII


Data driven program

You will learn the concept and skills of project management, including initiation planning, execution, and monitoring.


Project-oriented workshops

You will improve your capability of creating structured proposals and project implementation through workshops.


Initial resources

You may be granted a seed fund of up to 3000 USD for a project cycle of 3-5 months with networking opportunities.

Grantee Story : Calls over Ridges Nepal (NGO)

“ I want to transform Calls over Ridges Nepal to an independent organization that belongs to Nepali, because I believe that local Ngos should be the one who is finding solutions ”

Being the leader and founder of Calls over Ridges Nepal, Sang has strived from a practitioner to a leader. She is keen to challenge and always comes up with multiple solutions. She shared that open-minded discussions and critical thinking skills benefit her a lot from the interaction with Calls over Ridges...

Current Alliances in Nepal


Nepali youth-leading organization


Governmental schools partnership


Local educational programs

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